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End-times Debate: Amill vs. Postmill vs. Premill

>> Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who is the Antichrist?  Are we going to be secretly raptured away leading to a 7-year tribulation, one world government with microchips in our heads and hands?  If you are a fan of the "Left Behind" series you may want to avoid listening to this episode to avoid an untimely death by heart-attack.  None of that will be discussed.

On these episodes of Redemption Radio, our host Jeff Durbin engages a round-table discussion with the hosts of Backpack Radio on the issue of eschatology.  Pastor Bob represents Amillennialism, Pastor Vocab represents historic Premillennialism and Pastor Jeff represents Postmillennialism.  All three views are orthodox and affirm many of the same things.  However, there are many important areas of disagreement that are significant and ultimately impact your view of the future.

Be sure to share these exciting episodes with your friends!  This is an exciting, fun and important topic.  Let's dig-in.

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Episode 1.

Episode 2.