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Douglas Wilson, man-beards, brain-fizz and the New Atheist

>> Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just how is a Christian supposed to deal with an Atheist? What is a proper apologetic method? How should we reason with people who believe that they are cosmic accidents? Check-out this delicious episode of Redemption Radio where Luke Pierson & Douglas Wilson join me in the studio to chop-it-up over the issue of Atheism. Douglas Wilson is extremely helpful in that he has debated some of the most popular Atheists in recent history, written books in response to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens and he even is in a documentary film called "Collision" where he and the late Hitchens debated at a couple of venues while on their mutual book tour.

Get this episode! Pull it down and share it with your friends. Doug gives us pastoral and apologetic help that is necessary, God honoring and fun! After you listen to this show you'll discover why I keep a little bit of Douglas Wilson in my back pocket.

Jeff Durbin

Listen live here:

Download the MP3 here.


Atheist Dan Barker on Redemption Radio

>> Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be sure to check-out this broadcast of Redemption Radio where I interview Atheist Dan Barker from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Dan is a well-known anti-Theist and has written many books and engaged in many debates. We had Dan on the show to discuss his involvement in the upcoming Reason Rally event in Washington D.C.. Sye Ten Bruggencate from and Luke Pierson from Apologia Church also joined us.

We get into a discussion with Dan about why he as an Atheist (who believes that we are cosmically no more than ants or brocolli) would want to promote reason. Sye and I engage in a dialogue with Dan about whether or not his Atheism can give him a foundation for reason, morality and science.

This is a show you want to share!

Listen to it here:

Download it the MP3 here.

Jeff Durbin


Street-level Apologetics: live on YOUTUBE

>> Monday, March 12, 2012

Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church teaches for a session at the "Sound & Pound" conference at Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. Jeff teaches us some very important biblical starting points on Christian apologetics as well as demonstrating the intellectually tough-mindedness of Christianity. Jeff also taught "how to" and "how not to" do apologetics with some helpful examples using a debate between a Christian and an Atheist. Jeff also discusses the Apostle Paul's encounter on Mars Hill.

This is a very helpful resource! Share it with friends and family!


Understanding the Trinity: live on YOUTUBE

Christian Apologist and Pastor, Jeff Durbin, teaches for the "Essentials" series at RockPoint Church on the subject of the Trinity. If you have ever struggled with what the Bible teaches about the Trinity or how to explain the Trinity from Scripture this video will be helpful in equipping you to "love the Trinity".

Jeff explains the necessity of understanding and explaining the Trinity, teaches the 3-biblical foundations for the Trinity and explains how to deal with common heresies that have been raised against the Biblical teaching on God in history.

This is also especially helpful for Christian Apologetics.


Atheist Documentary- Will you help us make it?

>> Thursday, March 8, 2012

As many of you already know, because of the gracious giving of God's people we are headed to the "Reason Rally" in Washington, D.C. at the end of this month. The Reason Rally is being billed as the largest gathering of Atheists in history. That sounds delicious. Yes. We're going. And we are thrilled for the opportunity to proclaim the Good-news!

We have some exciting news: We are planning on filming a documentary of our encounters and providing a video that Christians can use to get equipped to reach the new-Atheists with the Gospel! This is where we need your help (and we need it as quickly as you can give it!). With this very exciting plan for an unprecedented video (we plan on having some well-known scholars and scientists on the film as well)we have some additional costs that we need help with. We need to bring along someone who is a fantastic photographer to film so we will need help with their airfare, hotel and also some additional costs for the video equipment. We are keeping our costs at bare-bones level.

We need to raise the money for this outreach and for the film as soon as we can (the costs of the flights are rising daily). We are a small ministry that has very limited financial resources. But, God does big-things through this ministry- many of you can attest to that.

So here we go:

We need to raise $1,100 additional funds for this ministry project. We would greatly appreciate your help. Perhaps in the past, you've seen an opportunity to bless us and considered giving? Please, use the tab at the top-right of this page to donate to this ministry project. If you have any questions please contact us. We believe that God can use this project to lead many people to Him! We'll let you know our progress as you guys give!

Thank you for your graciousness!

Your fellow servant,

Jeff Durbin


God has blessed us with the money for our work! Praise God! And thanks to all of you who gave towards this work. Your giving is so helpful and we are so thankful to Him for your sacrifice!


Defending the faith: Street-level apologetics

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Street-Level Apologetics - Jeff Durbin - the ROOTS Urban Ministry Conference from Roosevelt Church on Vimeo.

Here is a message that Pastor Jeff Durbin delivered at the "Sound & Pound" conference on "street-level apologetics". This is an excellent and very important message to use for anyone interested in defending the faith, whether you are just beginning to study Christian apologetics or you are a seasoned defender of the faith. Listen to the audio and video from this study and be blessed.

Please feel free to share with you friends and family.