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Props to Professor Martz and Temple lights... Here we come!

>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just want to give a special thanks to Professor Justin Martz (Phoenix Seminary). Professor Martz is a great friend of mine and teaches both Luke and I private lessons in Koine Greek. Justin you are such a blessing and a real answer to prayer. We are thanking the Lord for your giving of your time and talents for His Glory and Kingdom!

Last night Luke and I went to the temple to do some outreach. But, on the way the Lord had us stop and speak with two missionaries we caught on the way to the temple. It went awesome! These two guys were totally open and we had a VERY long, friendly and warm conversation about God and the Gospel. They said they would love to talk with us again and took our number. Please pray for these guys! I've seen a missionary leave his mission and come to Christ before... I know God can do it again!

Please, pray for us this evening while we take Faith Community Church's group out!

Also, we have been getting a lot of people requesting to help with the ministry. God has been blessing with so much fruit and opportunity to actually reach the lost. However, to be quite honest we need you to stand with us financially. If you have some year end giving to do... would you consider standing with us? We need ministry partners that will give "through" this ministry so that we can reach the lost together. Would you prayerfully consider giving to Apologia? We would be eternally grateful! And we will be sure to give you updates so that you can see how your gifts are impacting the world and expanding His Kingdom!

Bless You and Merry Christmas!

Jeff Durbin


By popular demand...

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

Our recent conversation with two Jehovah's Witnesses perfectly illustrates the necessity of reaching out to those lost in non-Christian cults. This part of the conversation was just about an hour into the dialogue. Pay attention to the blatant disregard to the actual statements by the Lord Jesus.

In the end, everything comes down to a worldview level. In other words, Jehovah's Witnesses clearly do not get their theology from an exegesis of the actual text of Scripture. They have presuppositionally ruled out the truths of Scripture ahead of time.

Case in point. In the audio clip, I quote a portion of Scripture where the Lord Jesus promises to raise Himself up. This would include two truths that the Watchtower denies:

1. That Jesus was raised in the same body.
2. That Jesus raised Himself

Notice how the Jehovah's Witness cannot make sense out of the text because he has a precommitment to a different view of the Lord Jesus. Because of His views, he is forced in the end to say that Jesus "lied". On the one hand, he wants to agree with Scripture... and on the other he is forced to deny it.

Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." (John 2:19)


How'd you like to be a fly on the wall?

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

How would you like to sit in on one of the many opportunities that we have to reach the cults with the Gospel? Well, it just so happens we were able to record a conversation that Luke and I had with two Jehovah's Witnesses here in Arizona. This is the second conversation that we had in a week with them. We have a copy of the full conversation (which was AWESOME) and it is available through our ministry. If you would like to get a copy... hit us up at!

Our hearts desire is that you would take what you learn from this conversation and use it to glorify our great God by sharing the truth about who He is and His precious Gospel with the world! Onward Christian Soldiers!

Bless you!



Mormon Temple outreach footage is here!

>> Monday, December 8, 2008

I know... I know. It took a while. But, we finally were able to get some of the footage from our outreach converted and posted on youtube. We will be posting a lot more so keep watching!

Here is some footage from the last weekend we went to the temple. We made a lot of friendships and actually had numerous Mormons:

1. Thank us for being so loving and kind to them.
2. Request to meet with us again.

Aside from equipping the body of Christ to do this sort of thing, our ministry goal is to develop relationships with the lost for the purposes of reaching them for Christ. Our hearts desire is not to beat up the lost but that they would come to Christ. This past weekend's event was a testimony to the necessity of this sort of evangelism. We had a very peaceful and loving dialogue with the LDS in attendence (most of the time :] ) and developed several new relationships that hopefully will bear fruit!

Please continue to pray for us! And don't forget to pass this video on to your friends!

Jeff Durbin


AAAAaargh! Hard drive cameras!

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I wanted to apologize to everyone for not getting our videos up sooner. We purchased a new hard drive camcorder for the ministry and I am convinced ours is broken! We have got some excellent footage! But, most of the footage begins to blur near the end of the clips. So we are working on this technical issue and will do everything in our power to have something up right away. Keep watching because it is some pretty cool stuff.

In the meantime... let me leave you with a classic part of Dr. White's debate with Mormon scholar Dr. Scharffs:


Emails... emails.... emails.....

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We haven't had our website up for a full-week yet and we are already getting a lot of compliments (even though it is only in nuts-and-bolts stage) and we also received our first nasty email. As a ministry, we aren't surprised that people will be upset with us. As followers of the Lord Jesus we don't expect to be able to make everyone happy nor do we think the adherents of the worldviews that we are critiquing are going to appreciate us and what we are doing at the outset. Nevertheless, we want to let you see the email and our response. We think that the issues brought up are common and you may run into them too as you reach out with the love of Christ to your friends or family that are LDS.

By the way... I am going to post it exactly as it was given to us.

On this Thansgiving holiday i find it heart-breaking to hear about people like yourself. The Church of Latter Day Saints is a Christian Church just like the Baptist Church. But the difference is that the mormon people do not go out and attack other religions just because they feel threatened by them. Our church is a church of Christ, It is GOD's house and when you speak of the mormons you are also speaking poorly about one of God's houses. I pray for you because you will need all the prayers you can get when you face God and have to explain to him why you parade around attacking his homes. If you were truly Christian you would focus on reaching out to those unreached people, You would try to join together with other faiths to provide a united christian community. You should focus more on God's book and the people who are unreached rather than attack other christians Prejudicism is a sin. What you are doing and they way you are speaking about the Mormons is cult-like. Mormons knock door to door trying to reach those unreached people, they are not going door to door demeaning other religions. Get down on your knees and listen to the Lord. Because the work you are currently doing is the work of Satan not him. Our christian communities would be very strong if it weren't for people like you. I will pray for you at this time and pray that you will find your way back to God. Spend this holiday season focusing on your web address, defend the faith, there are people out there who need to know who Christ is, not what your prejudicism;is hope that you will have a very Blessed Holiday.

Here is our response...


We are up and running!

Welcome to the first post for Apologia Christian Ministries!  It is our hope that you will be blessed and encouraged from the training and tools you receive from our blogs, vlogs and yes the occasional rant.  Here is our first video describing our upcoming outreach to the Mormon community here in Mesa, Arizona.

Bless You!