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Emails... emails.... emails.....

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We haven't had our website up for a full-week yet and we are already getting a lot of compliments (even though it is only in nuts-and-bolts stage) and we also received our first nasty email. As a ministry, we aren't surprised that people will be upset with us. As followers of the Lord Jesus we don't expect to be able to make everyone happy nor do we think the adherents of the worldviews that we are critiquing are going to appreciate us and what we are doing at the outset. Nevertheless, we want to let you see the email and our response. We think that the issues brought up are common and you may run into them too as you reach out with the love of Christ to your friends or family that are LDS.

By the way... I am going to post it exactly as it was given to us.

On this Thansgiving holiday i find it heart-breaking to hear about people like yourself. The Church of Latter Day Saints is a Christian Church just like the Baptist Church. But the difference is that the mormon people do not go out and attack other religions just because they feel threatened by them. Our church is a church of Christ, It is GOD's house and when you speak of the mormons you are also speaking poorly about one of God's houses. I pray for you because you will need all the prayers you can get when you face God and have to explain to him why you parade around attacking his homes. If you were truly Christian you would focus on reaching out to those unreached people, You would try to join together with other faiths to provide a united christian community. You should focus more on God's book and the people who are unreached rather than attack other christians Prejudicism is a sin. What you are doing and they way you are speaking about the Mormons is cult-like. Mormons knock door to door trying to reach those unreached people, they are not going door to door demeaning other religions. Get down on your knees and listen to the Lord. Because the work you are currently doing is the work of Satan not him. Our christian communities would be very strong if it weren't for people like you. I will pray for you at this time and pray that you will find your way back to God. Spend this holiday season focusing on your web address, defend the faith, there are people out there who need to know who Christ is, not what your prejudicism;is hope that you will have a very Blessed Holiday.

Here is our response...

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