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In yo' face boldness with Dr. Walter Martin

>> Friday, October 12, 2012

Join us for this exciting broadcast of Redemption Radio where our host Jeff Durbin is in the studio with Jerry Roberts from Apologia Church.  Jeff and Jerry dialogue about a hero of the Christian faith, Dr. Walter Martin.  Dr. Martin was a pioneer in the field of apologetics in ministering to non-Christian worldviews and the Kingdom of the Cults.  As a matter of fact, his book, 'The Kingdom of the Cults' is a classic work on the shelves of most pastors- you should have it too!

Listen-in as Jeff and Jerry play audio excerpts from a sermon Dr. Martin preached all the way back in 1982.  Get inspired and equipped to learn about what true boldness means.

Share this with your friends and family!  Dr. Walter Martin left a legacy for the Gospel and is the man that God used to inspire Jeff Durbin for a life of ministry.

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Is Jesus the One He claimed to be?

>> Friday, October 5, 2012

Have you ever struggled with answering questions about how we actually know- with certainty!- that Jesus is in fact the One He claimed to be?  Are you wanting to grow deeper in your understanding of how we can explain the facts surrounding our claim that Jesus is the Messiah?  Do you want to be able to provide an apologetic to a person that is asking you how you know Jesus is the One that was promised?

On this episode of Redemption Radio, Jeff Durbin walks our listeners through an easy-to-remember study that he created (and is putting in book form) to help explain the certainty we have in our trust in Jesus as Messiah.  This study is part of a message that Jeff gives monthly at Calvary and has given across the nation.  God has used this discussion to bring many of His people to Himself.

Share this with your friends and family!

Listen live to part I here:



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Listen live to part II here:



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