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Atheist Dan Barker on Redemption Radio

>> Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be sure to check-out this broadcast of Redemption Radio where I interview Atheist Dan Barker from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Dan is a well-known anti-Theist and has written many books and engaged in many debates. We had Dan on the show to discuss his involvement in the upcoming Reason Rally event in Washington D.C.. Sye Ten Bruggencate from and Luke Pierson from Apologia Church also joined us.

We get into a discussion with Dan about why he as an Atheist (who believes that we are cosmically no more than ants or brocolli) would want to promote reason. Sye and I engage in a dialogue with Dan about whether or not his Atheism can give him a foundation for reason, morality and science.

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Listen to it here:

Download it the MP3 here.

Jeff Durbin

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