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Frozen and living with bears...

>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

O.K., so now I remember why I love living in Arizona. I am outside of Chicago right now. I woke up, turned on my computer and the local weather said that it was 7-degrees outside. SEVEN. When I left Arizona it was in the 70-80's. It is so cold that my kneecaps are aching. Luke is making fun of me because I am sleeping with 3-layers of clothing.

Also, I have to mention this. When people see Luke next to me they usually refer to him as the "big" guy. "You know Luke? He's that really big guy that works with Jeff." I told you guys last week that I call Luke a bear. Well, while we're teaching at these churches I am staying with Luke's family. I met his brother who is bigger than he is. He is six-foot nine-inches! I am staying with a family of bears! I feel like a midget living in a land of giants.

Keep praying for us. God is doing some great things here. We have gotten the chance to equip the body as well as preach the Gospel to the lost.

The Lord Bless You!


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