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The Lone Danite wants to fight James White too?!

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

This one will make you chuckle and cry at the same time. A little while back we received some nasty emails from a guy who has a blog called "the Mormon hater show". My feelings were kind of hurt! Before we had a chance to introduce ourselves he sent me this (I apologize for the vile nature, but you need to see it to get a picture of Mormonism with it's mask off):

You are a coward, no make that _ _ _ _ _, who is scared of muslims. You preach in front of Mormon Temples but not in front of Mosques because you are afraid of the consequences and legal repercussions you would have to deal with if you preached to muslims outside a mosque.

If you were here, I would knock your _ _ _ _ing teeth out you Mormon hating _ _ _ _ _.

Well, if Weston Krogstadt (his real name), would have taken a moment to get to know me, he would realize that I have spent countless hours at Muslim Mosques and on the street reaching the Muslim community with the Gospel. Nevertheless, he seemed to want to bypass any logical, coherent or even Christlike discussion and jump right into wanting to punch my teeth out. Ouch! Well, I sent him this:

Interesting. Well, not sure it is worth even responding to this, but, for your edification I witness to Muslims quite regularly and not only go to their Mosques but, go INSIDE and speak with them and create relationships. Christians aren't afraid of Muslims. There are COUNTLESS ministries just like mine who reach out to Muslims. And if you would have even taken 5-seconds to read the introduction on my page you would see that our ministry also reaches out to Muslims.

I read your blog. Can't really say that I am impressed. You practice "ad hominem" argumentation that has absolutely no impact whatsoever. Attacking the person rather than the arguments they put forth, really has no lasting impact whatsoever.

I can tell from your use of vile language and insults that you are not interested in logically coherent conversation. So with that, I'm going to ask you not to respond back to me. We don't want to waste our time with your dribble. And we certainly aren't bothered by your bullying. We live in America where there are laws. Yes, even laws that protect ministries like ours from people like you who threaten physical harm and violence.

I can't imagine that you are even Mormon. I have countless Mormon friends and acquaintances that would take you to task over your vile behavior and language.

If you email us again with threats such as the ones you already posted our next stop will be to the police department. Thank you for giving me your name and location where they can locate you.

I pray that you turn from your sin and to the Lord Jesus Who can give you life.


So with that he sent 2-more nasty emails that I won't even bother to post here. Put it this way, he wants to make me a man and thinks that he knows what I look like without clothes on!

Well, not suprisingly, he has now gone on to use the same tactics with someone I really respect and care deeply for-- Dr. James White (Alpha and Omega Ministries). You can check out the nonsense here. Basically he does the same thing. Apparently Dr. White invited this guy onto his radio show to have a discussion. Again, not suprisingly he declined and instead suggested that they go to the "desert" and have sparring match. Doesn't he realize that Dr. White isn't a cage fighter?! Dr. White rides bicycles! I'm not even sure if he owns a pair of UFC fighting gloves! Well, at any rate, it does show the utter weakness of this guys theological system. Can you imagine the Apostles behaving that way? Picture Peter preaching in Jerusalem, "O.K. you Jesus haters, either turn from your rejection of Jesus or I will knock out all of your teeth! No, better yet, quit dissing Jesus or we can go to the desert where I can crack your head open". Doesn't seem to be the "apologia" of the Apostles. When Peter encourages all believers to always be ready to give an "apologia" (1 Peter 3:15) of the faith, he uses a word that is the same word used to give a response in a court of law. A reasoned defense. That means verbally. Not physically.

It only shows the shameful weakness of a theological system and that you have truly LOST the debate when you resort to threats of physical violence. Lets pray for this guy.

BTW, If James does want any lessons in cage fighting, I'd gladly exchange some free lessons (I have 5 Black-Belts) for free tickets to his next debate with Dan Barker! LOL! :]


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