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Praise, Response and Support

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

APOLOGIA is so exciting! Luke and I get emails every day, from people all across the globe. Sometimes we get questions or challenges from people who are part of the Watchtower, LDS church, atheist organizations, etc. But, we also get a bunch of emails from fellow believers from all over the place. We are so encouraged. People get a hold of us from the U.K., Australia, Africa... everywhere! We have people tell us that they have watched our Youtube videos and were inspired to start reaching the cults. Many people write to us and tell us that they are using the material they heard from our videos or something in our blog. Many times people rely on us for one-on-one help and will call us for help just before they meet with some Mormon missionaries or JW's. Praise God! We just received this one from the Philippines:

Hi Jeff,

I like the way you dialogue with the Jehovah's Witness guy. You are full of patience, grace, and love that comes from the Lord while sharing the truth with him. Continue doing what you both are doing and may the Lord expand your ministry by equipping the Christians to reach out the kingdom of the cults.



Well, Justyn thank you brother for your support.

I wanted you all to see an example of what we see everyday!


Andrew Tallman got back to me. He said he didn't receive my emails where I asked him to check out our blog and get back to me (I sent two to the same address he emailed me from). I definitely want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he's really busy and maybe he overlooked or missed it. He seemed interested in a dialogue. Hopefully we can look forward to some answers from him. Please pray for him. Ultimately our desire is that he would believe in the Biblical Gospel and publicly renounce what he has promoted. Stay tuned...


Have you ever considered giving through APOLOGIA? We are moving into a new-phase of ministry. In the last 6-months we have spoken to countless people from the cults, given out thousands of tracts, held public events to equip Christians as well as created direct relationships with the lost.

To be transparent...we need your support. Luke and I (along with our families)are in ministry full-time. We have VERY low overhead costs. But, we cannot continue to do what we do without your prayers and financial support. We want to thank you if you have given in the past and would be blessed if you would consider giving again or giving for the first-time. God is changing lives and bringing people to Himself. We are humbled to be a part of it. We need your help to keep doing it. Would you consider giving to support the work of bringing the Gospel to the lost?

We have a ministry goal. We would like to be able to raise 5,000 of support in the next 30-days. For ministry that is a pretty small budget. But, we can't make it without you. Please continue to pray for us and thank you so much for standing with us!

He is Glorious!

Jeff Durbin

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