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Bishop McKay Jones agreed to the possibility of a public discussion.

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Last evening the LDS church held a public lecture on "Are Mormons Christian?" We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity presented for a public discussion and dialogue between Bishop Jones of the LDS church and myself. Mr. Jones seems like a gracious and very nice guy and I have tremendous respect for his willingness to engage in such a discussion. We still need to connect with all the parties involved and iron out details that would make both of us comfortable. We will announce more details as they become available. Please pray for us as we begin the process.

One of the greatest challenges presenting itself to Mormons and Christians alike is misunderstanding. Misunderstanding creates confusion and erects walls between us. Walls that exist between us only serve to create further divides and destroy any possibility of us having ANY effective dialogue or having any meaningful relationships. This should not be. God has presented an opportunity for us to begin an honest, loving, respectful and effective dialogue. When we held our public event in April, we allowed the audience to come up to the microphone and ask questions publicly and challenge what we were saying. Yet, the complaint from the LDS in attendance was that they would like to see the LDS church represented by an apologist. We agreed that that would be most effective. Last evening the complaint from the audience was that it was not truly an "open forum" event as the audience was not allowed to "ask" (verbally) questions or dialogue. The questions had to be written on cards. The complaint was that the LDS were allowed to go unchallenged and were simply pontificating. With an event like this, we can put both of those charges to rest.

Jeff Durbin

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