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Leaked audio from the LDS temple ceremony

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

Here is a link to some of the actual audio from the LDS temple ceremony. Some very telling theological claims and implications for comparison and critique with Scripture. I realize that many of our LDS friends consider the temple ceremonies "sacred". However, considering the claims of the LDS church to be the one true church I consider it to be of utmost importance and value to be able to study and critique (in the light of Holy Scripture) the true theology, teachings and practices of the LDS church-- however cherished and sacred they may be in practice. Ultimately, Mormon theology about Scripture, God, Salvation and many other essential teachings is corrupt and is leading people astray. It is the duty of Christians and the Christian Church to expose the false-teachings of the LDS church so that we can point them to the True and Living God and the biblical Gospel. Light has to penetrate darkness in order for people to escape.

If the LDS church claims to represent Jesus Christ there should be absolutely no fear of allowing Christians to listen to and test these practices and see if they line-up with Scripture. We deeply love and care for those in the LDS religion. This is why we are so concerned to truly understand them and their beliefs in tota so that we may be better prepared to reach them.

I pray that the opportunity to listen-in on the ceremonies in the temple will ignite Christ-centered and Gospel-centered conversations that will bring the Latter-day Saints to salvation.

Soli Deo Gloria

Jeff Durbin
Apologia Church

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