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Debates, Sermons and Airplanes!

>> Monday, January 17, 2011

We have a ton of great stuff coming!  Most of this is ministry you can actually join with us in.  Here are a few things--  Check it out:

1.  We are almost finished with plans for an upcoming debate where Vocab Malone and I will debate two-local Atheists.  We are going to let you know the venue and time and date soon.  So far the topic will be "Christianity or Atheism:  Which makes more sense?"

How can you help?  We need people to join with us financially and prayerfully.  We are expecting a great turnout for this event and believe that it will be very helpful.  We are hoping to have a professional recording done and DVD's later.  This event will be very time consuming and will cost a lot.  Please consider starting prayers and fasting on Vocab and my behalf.  Also, we need brothers and sisters to join with us IMMEDIATELY to help us with APOLOGIA'S ministry costs to get us through and to the event.

2.  We are finalizing the production of all of our sermons (preached at APOLOGIA CHURCH) over the last year (March 1st is our 1-year anniversary).  The process is very time consuming and it has taken a while to determine where to put them up.  We are basically settled on a site ( that will allow easy access through computer and hand-held devices.

How can you help?  Please consider donating to APOLOGIA for the cost of setting up with the site and once we are live please share the links with your friends and families!

3.  I'll be speaking over the next two-months in 3-different states.  I am a camp speaker for Wheaton Bible Church, a network of Arizona Churches and I'll also be a speaker for Grand Canyon University.

How can you help?  Pray for safe travel and fruitful ministry.  Also, we are in need of the people of God to join with us with financial gifts of any kind to help us make it through these next 2-months.  

Apologia Christian Ministries is a very small ministry.  We are dependent upon brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide to pray for us and support the work of ministry.  If you have been blessed by what the Lord is doing through our ministry we would be grateful if you joined with us prayerfully and financially.  Many of you ask us for specifics so that you can be praying for us.  We are asking God for a ministry inflow of $10,000 to get us through the next few months and to help us with the upcoming costs for ministry.

Thank you so much for your gracious love and support!  Please join this ministry as we spread the Gospel and watch God grow His Kingdom!  You can bless this ministry with your financial gifts immediately by clicking on the paypal tab at the top of the page.

Here is a video of the baptisms from this weekend.  Enjoy!

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