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Matisyahu and Dr. Michael Brown

>> Thursday, September 8, 2011

 (Commercial-free episode!)

What a show!  If you have ever wondered if Jesus is truly the promised Messiah then you need to hear this episode of Redemption Radio (sponsored by Calvary Recovery Center).  Jeff Durbin interviews special guest Dr. Michael Brown.  Dr. Brown is an international speaker, author of over 20-books and has debated some of the most influential critics of Christianity (secular and rabbinic).  Dr. Brown recounts his experience as a drug-addict and talks about going from LSD to Phd.  This episode is one that needs to be shared.  You will be encouraged about the hope we have in Christ for freedom from addiction (and other things) as well as the clear testimony of Scripture showing that Jesus is truly the promised Messiah!  We also threw in a little Matisyahu just for kicks!


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