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Blurring the Gospel

>> Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is one of the most important broadcasts that I have done yet-- related to current theological debates. This broadcast of "Redemption Radio" (sponsored by Calvary Addiction Recovery Center) deals with a very serious and dangerous theological view that is-- strike that-- HAS made it's way into Christian circles, churches and seminaries worldwide. It is called "the New Perspective on Paul". It ultimately represents a complete redefinition of Christianity. It completely redefines what the Gospel proclamation is, what Justification by faith is, what imputation is, etc..

My guest for this show is Dr. Cornelis Venema who is the president of Mid-America Reformed Seminary and is the author of several fantastic books. One book in particular addresses the New Perspective and the danger it poses to our understanding of the Gospel. This is a fantastic show that needs to be shared and shared. Also, joining me on this show was our friend and my debate partner Vocab Malone of Backpack Radio.

Check it out! And pick up a copy of Dr. Venema's book on the NPP called "The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ". You can purchase it here.

Right now this episode has commercials. We are going to hopefully upload a commercial free version soon.

Listen to it here:

Or Download the audio file directly here

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