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Extreme Justification Makeover & the NPP with Dr. Guy Waters

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Justification by faith has been held by many to be the heart of the Gospel.  Justification- it is said- is the article of a standing or falling church.  In light of this, we need to examine and respond to a complete reworking of this essential truth by those who hold to the New Perspective on Paul.  The NPP has gotten legs into the Evangelical church because of men like N.T. Wright.  On this episode of Redemption Radio, I interview Dr. Guy Waters of Reformed Theological Seminary on this vital issue.  All of us need a fuller understanding of this essential truth of Scripture and we would do well to treasure it.  A deeply biblical understanding with affect your view of God, the world, the future and your relationship with Him.

Don't miss this important episode!  Share it with others and pick up a copy of Dr. Waters' book on this issue. 

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