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>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We receive a lot of very encouraging emails all the time (also some "interesting" emails from the cults).  We wanted to post this brother's email so that you could see the incredible things God is doing through APOLOGIA and see the amazing reach this ministry has (we get emails from all over the world).  We are humbled and excited by emails like this and those of you who have given through APOLOGIA should be encouraged by the amazing things God has done through your prayers and gracious support!

I found your ministry quite honestly by accident. I have a co-worker who is a JW and for quite some time believed that JW and Mormons were just like Christians. However after talking to him for just a little bit I realized how wrong I was. I had never come across the teaching of a JW before in my 39 years of life and I needed to find out more about it, so I Googled JW and found your debate with two JW’s. I was amazed not at what was said but at how much I did not know. I didn’t have the foundation to even start to talk to my co-worker about Jesus. After listening to your debates I decided to actually do my own research and really read my Bible. I was amazed at how much closer I began to get to Jesus because of this. The person of Jesus all of the sudden became more real to me in those few days than ever before and I am very grateful for that. I have been witnessing to him for a few weeks now it is very hard because the only time I see him is at work and his entire family are JW’s also he is an elder in the kingdom hall. I pray for him every night to have his eyes open and to see Jesus as he really is. Thank you for the work you do and the videos you have put out. I hope you continue to do this and share your experiences with the rest of us out here.

Your brother in Christ,

Randy (Florida)

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Jeff Durbin

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