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Upcoming public debate with Atheists announcement

>> Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We have very exciting news.  Plans are underway for a public debate where Vocab Malone (host of backpack radio) and I will debate two well-known local atheists in Tempe, AZ.  We will fill you in as soon as we can tie-up the loose-ends.  Please be praying for us and please consider helping us with some of the ministry's needs.  We put these before God's people because He has kept this ministry moving through the giving of people like you.  Here are the needs:


We have been blessed with an abundance of fruitful ministry!  Our cup is overflowing with new-believers that have come to Christ and are madly in love with Him and laying their lives down in service to Him!  Just tonight a huddle of mostly brand-new believers gathered up a bunch of homeless people in Tempe and served and fed them!  Awesome!  On the flip-side we are hurting financially as a ministry.  We have a tremendous shortfall of funds and are currently seeking the Lord's provision for an immediate ministry need of $5,000 dollars to catch up before the end of the year.  If any of you felt led to give anything towards this we would greatly appreciate it and you would be instrumental in keeping the wheels of APOLOGIA spinning and allowing us to continue this amazing ministry.  I cannot express to you how much your giving is needed and is instrumental to keeping this ministry moving.  You can give right now at the tab at the top of our blog.  Or feel free to contact either Luke or I at or  Don't forget that your giving is also tax-deductible.

Also, our equipment and material needs:

We have put together a ministry list of some very vital needs we have at the moment.  Some of this is equipment needs for both church and outreach and some of it is materials I will need in preparation for the upcoming public debate.  Any items you purchase for the ministry will be shipped directly to us and will be put to use IMMEDIATELY!  Click here to go to our wishlist.  Bless you and thank your for giving to the Lord through this ministry.

Solus Christus!

Jeff Durbin

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