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Douglas Wilson on end-times (commercial free!)

>> Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Check out the audio for this very special episode of Redemption Radio (sponsored by Calvary Addiction Recovery Center). I interview our special guest Douglas Wilson who is a well-known author/pastor/theologian and Christian Apologist. He has debated Dan Barker from the freedom from religion foundation and he and Christopher Hitchins had a very well-done movie made about their debate tour called "Collision"-- you should definitely pick-it-up.

In this broadcast we look at the issue of eschatology or the study of last-things otherwise known as end-times stuff. What we say may actually shock you. Doug wrote a great little book called "Heaven Misplaced". I share the same view of end-times as Wilson (postmillennialism) and it is not very common but I believe is the most faithful to the text of God's Word and will excite you and change your view of the future. Have I peaked your interest yet? Check-it out! I believe this episode will be very helpful to many Christians.

Pastor Luke Pierson also joined me and helped with the show-- his beard was also present in the studio. :]

Soli Deo Gloria

Jeff Durbin

Here is the audio:

You can also download it directly here:

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