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Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last week well-known anti-Theist Christopher Hitchens died and went to meet his Creator. Christopher Hitchens was truly an amazing man. He was an immensely gifted writer, speaker and wordsmith. He was someone that could melt your heart on the one hand and force a violent reaction on the other. He was a person created in the image of God and is worthy of our love and concern. We acknowledge the fact that he was at war with his Creator-- but, that is precisely where all of us would be without the gracious act of God opening our eyes to see Jesus and the beauty of the Gospel.

He was also a man that shared a lot of common beliefs with Christians (he was pro-life and a defender of the unborn) and in many respects was on the same side of the fence as us. However, he was an outspoken enemy of the faith which he spent many of the last years of his life attacking. As far as we can tell, he died in that state- and if he did- sadly, his day of reckoning came. It is a tragedy because he knew the Gospel. As a matter of fact, you can pull audio where he actually corrects men like Dinesh D'souza and "liberal" Christians on what Christianity really is. Our prayers go out to those who loved him and were touched by him.

What should be the Christian response to the death of Christopher Hitchens? How did he help us? How do we respond to his positions and those of his Atheist devotees?

In this broadcast and audio of Redemption Radio (brought to you by Calvary Addiction Recovery Center) I interview Sye Ten Bruggencate of and Luke Pierson of Apologia Church ( Download this podcast of our show in memorial of Christopher Hitchens. Please share with friends!

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Jeff Durbin
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