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On the radio with Atheist Dan Barker

>> Monday, February 6, 2012

I was recently asked by the guys at Backpack Radio to participate in a broadcast where they would interview well-known Atheist Dan Barker (Freedom from Religion Foundation) about their new-campaign wherein they put up billboards of local Atheists promoting Atheism saying things like: I am a childhood Christian indoctrination survivor. It was an interesting program-- though I would've loved to have had the whole show as a "cross-fire" type of situation. We discuss his personal history as well as his motivation behind the campaign. We also take a segment to respond to the billboard campaign.

Download the audio for this radio program! Dan Barker used to be involved in Christian ministry-- it's not everyday you get to be on the radio with a famous apostate and antagonist to the Christian faith.

Pastor Jeff Durbin

Listen here:

Download the episode here.

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