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You've got mail! From an Atheist set-free...

>> Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For your encouragement and the glory of God:

Hi Jeff, I'm a huge fan of your ministry in Az. I found yall on youtube and thought id drop an email.

my name is ---, I go to a small acts 29 church in McAllen Tx where i serve on the worship team called Logos. About a year ago I was a huge atheist, I use to go to school and find christians to debate, I was also heavily into pornography and drugs. But Jesus has set me free from my past, I love Christ and I really felt led to let you know that i'm praying for your mission up there,

you are the first apologist ive seen that really cares about the lost and not just about winning an argument

Praise be to God for saving us, ill be praying for apologia

p.s. who are some other dudes that you read and listen to, guys that have the same attitude about the gospel

Thanks --- the former atheist

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